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Franklin B Gill began building this property around 1875, and was a well-known and admired farmer. A biographical sketch features his life in Leading Citizens of Madison County. In part, "Upon this fine farm, besides being interested in general farming, he grows about thirty acres of hops, and keeps a large herd of high-grade Holstein cows, believing this breed to be the best for general dairy purposes. His farm is well improved; and his buildings, which he himself erected, are much superior to the average farm buildings in their commodiousness and in their substantial construction."


The Thomas Family

Gene and Kristin Thomas have raised five children, two donkeys, forty sheep, thirty goats, and nine dogs on the old FB Gill farm.  Kristin once operated a thriving woolen business from the farm, producing hand spun yarn and artisan woolen goods. Today, having completed extensive renovation to the barn for their children's wedding in 2015, the Thomases are eager to have others enjoy the historic, humble property.